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Emergency Mass Notification Systems

In emergency situations where your business may need to get information to large or targeted audiences immediately, you must have the ability to use a media that you know will not be affected as a result of the emergency. During the 9/11 emergency, cell phone use in and around New York City was disabled for the day. In many natural disasters, power is disrupted, effecting communication through internal systems that may not be on backup power supply systems. It is essential that critical communication be flexible to ensure that should one method of communication fail, alternate methods are available.

REACT ™ Enhanced Critical Communication Methods

  • Multiple channels of mass notification and communication (voice, email, SMS, video, digital public displays, PC screens)
  • Alerts with information defined at the time of an emergency and updated with new information as the situation unfolds and new information is available
  • Instant notification and targeted delivery by users, groups, and locations
  • Contextual content with real-time instructions and procedures
  • Each alert can contain a different message for separate groups, or individuals, based on their role or location
  • Automated alerts, instructions and advisories triggered by integrated security, fire and access control systems and devices
  • Single button alerts (software panic buttons) activated from desktops, telephones, wireless devices or embedded alarm systems (shortens communication chain)

Building Security Systems Integration

Building Security Integration Consider Lenel’s OnGuard® application suite for your standalone security system needs or deploy in any combination of products to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution for:
  • Access Control
  • Digital Video surveillance
  • Employee & Visitor Management
  • Intrusion Detection

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