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Visitor Management

With our visitor management systems, users can register, verify & badge your company’s guests. These systems help improve your building security and corporate image by creating a visible front line of defense for your building and staff. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to screen visitors against historical directories and stop unwanted visitors through Look-Out/Watch lists.

Visitor management can be implemented standalone, or integrated in to our other access control and identification systems.

System capabilities:

  • Enrollment at time of arrival or pre-program visitor, including use and restrictions
  • Capture photo or use driver’s license photo for verification and security
  • Create watch lists and screen against unwanted visitors
  • Create badge and manage users throughout your facility
  • IDesktop station or floor standing KIOSK options




Building Security Systems Integration

Building Security Integration Consider Lenel’s OnGuard® application suite for your standalone security system needs or deploy in any combination of products to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution for:
  • Access Control
  • Digital Video surveillance
  • Employee & Visitor Management
  • Intrusion Detection

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