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Today’s video surveillance systems are incorporating new technology at lightning speed. Internet Protocol (IP) and true web based cameras are increasingly popular and replacing hard wired analog cameras for implementation in client networks. Also, network video recorders (NVR) are replacing digital video recorders (DVR) and allowing access to video from anywhere.

The good news is that the new technology won’t necessarily eat up your budget and in fact, it may be cost advantageous over analog technology in some applications. Also, if you’ve already made an investment in analog cameras and would like to keep them in place, video encoders are available to convert their analog signal to digital, allowing them to function within your new digital system.

We offer video surveillance systems for businesses that require just a few cameras and local recording to large scale applications that require a video management solution that can be integrated within a security application platform.

  • GoVision- A powerful video security solution for the needs of even the smallest facilities. With goVision, businesses of any size can explore numerous benefits of a trusted video securitysolution
  • OnGuard Video- Breakthrough technologies such as video analytics and ultra-secure network communications give organizations unparalleled flexibility and control. OnGuard video solutions of all sizes offer intricate alarm integration, investigative analytics, event-driven recording and total system management
  • SkyPoint-High performance IP video management software plus full integration with OnGuard provides unmatched levels of scalability, user friendliness, and open architecture. Monitored security events can trigger SkyPoint actions like going to PTZ presets, initiate event recording, push video, and more
    • SkyPoint Client Lite is a breakthrough video client. It provides the tools to efficiently and effectively monitor large camera arrays, access and investigate video of incidents, and export evidence, all through an intuitive, touch screen-optimized (optional) user interface

i2 Security can assist you in the design & specification phases of your initial requirements analysis and provide the technical expertise to select the right video system components going forward. We provide complete installation, setup and full training.

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